Southern Riverina Caravan Club



“The friendly family club”

 The Southern Riverina Caravan Club was developed in 2001 with families in mind and has grown from strength to strength. It specifically, although not exclusively, caters for children. Parents and grandparents bring the younger members of their families to enjoy weekends of entertainment every six weeks or so with like minded others. All you need is accommodation on wheels! The existing members come from Southern NSW and Northern Victoria, either side of the Murray River.

Our destinations are chosen for the quality of the facilities, drivability (not so far that the food runs out before we get there!) and safety. Those with children (yes, there are people who come without children too!) form the 'inner circle' where all the activities and socialising centres. This ensures that the children get to play with their friends by day and adults can socialise at night, while the children sleep (?) nearby. So why not try it?  We still have family memberships available.

For a free information sheet and a current rally calendar contact:

Secretary:  Reg Robbins
Phone: 0354 837 763  
Mobile: 0491 105 231